Decisions, decisions . . .

At the recent QCC board meeting we had a number of big decisions to make regarding our location and finances.  Here’s what we agreed:

Starting at our July dance (July 10), admission will be increasing to $9.  We have kept our price stable for many years, and with recent increases in both rent and event insurance, it’s time to raise our admission to reflect that.  We feel that this is still a very reasonable price for a glorious evening of live music, dance instruction and the chance to come together as a community. We encourage dancers who are concerned about entry fees to contact us about volunteering–we would love to provide the dancing experience in exchange for some help with tasks we need covered.

We will remain at Shelburne Town Hall through summer 2016.  In years past we have moved from one location to the next throughout the year.  At this point, we feel that the Shelburne Town Hall is the nicest dance space available to us and that the continuity of holding the dance in the same location from month to month makes it easier for folks to find us.

We also bid farewell to long time board member Peter Johnson, and wished him well in his upcoming travels.  Anyone reading this who is interested in taking his place on the board should send an email to  We’d love to have your help!